Hotel Villa Sonia

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Hotel Villa Sonia Hotel Villa Sonia Hotel Villa Sonia Hotel Villa Sonia Hotel Villa Sonia
Hotel Villa Sonia

Une fenêtre sur la Méditerranée, un balcon sur l'Etna, une vue unique sur l'un des endroits plus suggestif de Taormina

Hotel Villa Sonia


TAORMINA-ETNA EXPERIENCE You will be staying in one of the most prestigious hotels in town and have the benefit of a relaxing time when visiting Taormina area, around the...

vintage 2014 - Mancanna October 2014

Hotel Villa Sonia

vintage 2014 - Mancanna October 2014

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02-10-2013 / 31-10-2014

Once an antic Villa, now a captivation and sophisticated hotel. Opened in 1999, Hotel Villa Sonia is sinonamious for tradition and culture. La “Vendemmia” (Collection of Grapes + Making of Wine) is one of many tradition still kept alive in its, fine glory.
Hotel Villa Sonia has transformed “La Vendemmia” into a grand “Fest del Vino” (celebration of the Wine) in which their guest can participate first and indulge them selves in the complete precess of malcing one of their exclusive wines – “Nerello Mascalese”.

“La Vendemmia” is celebrated yearly in the first week of October, the clay is dedicated to the complete process of wine making, complete of magical moment, emotions and unforgettable memories. This clay is celebrated in keeping with Traditions going back hundreds + hundreds col years – Plenty of cating, drinking, singing, story telling and the making of new friends.
The day beging with all guest experiencing the complete process which goes into the making wine. The grapes are picked direct from the vines and placed in tradictional bascket (canistri – cesti di vimini) which are the deposited into larger baskets. The grapes are transported to the millstone (palmento) where the Grapes are pressed.
Guest from all around the world, emerge themselves (Literally) naked feet first in the pressing of the grapes. A tradition that stems back to the beginning of wine making. “Il Mosto” (first juice of grapes) is collected into specially designed containers (“Tineddi”) and transferred into Large wine barrels (botti). Here ,the “Fist wine” will remain for a few months until the first official taste is made of this unique + exquisited “Nerello Mascalese” wine producted by Intelisano Family.

Once the official part of “La Vendemmia”, is completed, the festive celebrations begin. Hold above the wines cellars located in this breath talking vinegard. All guest will try a complete selection of Sicilian specialites. A month-watering Sicilian Buffet especially created by their very own Hotel Chefs.
Home made Maccheroni pasta, traditional sausage, and Fish “Stocco” (pesca stucco alla Messinese) salt dried saridines, tomatoes + onion, a variety of Sicilian cheese + Salames + Freshly baked bread. Plenty of excellent food + wine and entertainment.

After lunch, guest are treated to yet another speciality of this region col Castelmola – “Il Vino alla Mandorla” – Antico San Giorgio (Almond wine). Don Vincenzo Blandano created this wine in the early 900. Made with dry white wine, various alcohols essential herbs sealing in the true Sicilian flavours. The result is one of Sicily finest Almond Wines.
As the fest comes to an end ,guest are given the choice of returning to the hotel by the hotel shuttle service or taking a leisurely walk back to the hotel where they are able to enjoy the natural beaty of this captivating Sicilian region.
The increased popularity of this traditional event has attracted on abundance of very satisfied guest, all having had the opportunity in taking part in one of the most traditional Autunn events in Sicily. Guest are able to understard the extensive work that goes in to producing every single bottle of Sicilian wine and at the same time, experience the connection between this region + its people.

The Intelisano Family by recreating this traditional event have successful forfille their main objective for their guest to be given the opportunity to experience first hand the delicacies, exquisited perfumes and aromas and indulge themselves in the emotions that make this region so unique.
Hotel Villa Sonia prided it self in offering the traveller who enjoys a compendium of the greatest civilisations and culture of all time ,and who enjoy a delicious and extremely varied cuisine ,prefer captivating walks thru nature and are able to “Stop” and comprehend the magic of this wonderful region.


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