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Under the rock of Castelmola, a historic residence is today a refined hotel with the transformation being carried out down to the tiniest details. Architecture which blends well with its surrounding environment and large rooms, each one different from another. The banquet room is large and welcoming, overlooking the swimming pool and garden. It also has a meeting room and an excellent restaurant, the Parco Reale..

Hotel Villa Sonia is a historic rural home situated in Castelmola in the district of Taormina where a real corner of “Paradise” awaits you. A charming residence surrounded by green vegetation and having as much tranquility as one would desire, ideal for romantic escapes or family holidays. Ensuring your relaxation are its position, structure and the professionalism of its qualified staff, which provide the facilities that enable you to spend all the time you want to, reliving ancient times and rediscovering unique flavours that only a land as rich and generous as “Sicily” can give you. Tradition, love and hospitality for every single characteristic and detail distinguish our rooms and accompany our guests in the best periods of the year. The hotel is set in a unique and silent natural environment, yet just a few kilometers from Taormina and the sea.

Most of the rooms have a balcony with a splendid view of Etna and you wake up in the morning to an air which is rich in the unmistakable fragrances of this land, real charming luxuriousness, of relaxation and time all for yourself. The philosophy of slow-living is the guideline of Villa Sonia, historic villa above Taormina which manages to make you feel like an inhabitant and not just a temporary visitor. In an area where you will not find chaotic and hurrying crowds with which it is not easy to coexist, Villa Sonia promotes/offers an ‘awakening’ holiday to discover the genuine Sicily which still feels its past dominations, a type of tourism aimed at recharging the tourist’s energy by observing, enjoying and savouring the harmony surrounding him.

Villa Sonia promotes the slow traveller who loves walking among nature with the splendid view of Etna, who adores tasting/savouring the culinary delights of this splendid land, who is able to stop and contemplate and capture this magic countryside of the Taormina/Etna area in his memory.

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